@cryptocoin The only property that brought the mainstream’s attention to bitcoin was its number go up technology. Now, only recently, its censorship and resistance to seizure properties are being noticed.
Normies are waking up to what money really is.

@kekcoin @Clashicly @bryancyan @nvk Ok, I will check with him on that, since I wasn't sure where that's enforced.

@kekcoin @Clashicly @bryancyan LOL, I will move it to the local account but already botched a move once, and have to wait 30 days.

@kekcoin @nvk Samourai does implement the paynym bip47 that i haven't seen any other wallets support.

@kekcoin @nvk Oh, good to know. Coinjoin as a standard would be more in the spirit of "make every spend a coinjoin."

@Clashicly Replies don't need to show up in the timeline, but if you focus on the toot and even reply, you should be able to see other replies. But it doesn't! That is broken behavior imo. I only see my own reply, meaning it only shows replies from the home instance?

@Clashicly "Replies don't make it into the public or federated timelines"
☝️ This sucks.

@nvk I had this question too. Why is Samourai the only one doing it?

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